Terms & Conditions

JamesBoyleRacing.com does not take responsibility for any potential losses during the time that you’re subscribed to the site. Betting is a game of risk and by signing up to the service provided on this site, you must understand that absolutely nothing is assured in terms of what will happen in the future. We will try out best though, that is a certainty.

What happened in the past doesn’t have any bearing on what will happen in the future. By signing up to the site, you understand that all I can do is analyze and recommend selections – once you decide to place a bet on them, you’re taking full responsibility for whatever may occur as a result. Just because we’ve had winners and shown a profit in the past doesn’t mean that there’ll be anything assured in the future, although every attempt will be made to continue the positive results. Gambling is a game of risk though, and you must know that.

JamesBoyleRacing.com will under no circumstances allow any users under the legal age for Gambling to become apart of the service. If, for any reason, we suspect that you are under the accepted age to gamble, your account will be closed permanently and blocked.

Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated, whether it’s through the ‘comments’ section on the posts, via E-mail or on Facebook/Twitter. If you had a bad day at the office and get annoyed after a couple of losers, make sure to think before you type. There will be losers, plenty of them, but there will hopefully be enough winners to ensure that nobody will be bothered by them. Anyone who falls foul of this rule will have their accounts closed permanently and no refunds will be given. Constructive criticism is always welcomed, abuse is certainly not.

All payments made to JamesBoyleRacing.com are final. Once you’ve received access to the private section of the website, which is instant after the payment has been made, your subscription term begins and ends after the time frame that you’ve signed up for. Taking a 1-month subscription would be advisable for anyone who wants to try the service out before committing to a longer period of time and if you want, you can end the recurring payments instantly by going through your Paypal account. After this, as you will have paid for a month, your account will continue to have access to the private area of the site until the original term has ended. After that, you will have to sign up again to regain access or bid farewell! Should you be on a recurring plan, it is up to you to cancel through Paypal when you so wish.

Service prices are subject to change. The earlier people are in, the lower the prices will be. Anyone who’s in now won’t have the price of their subscription changed until the following calender year, if at all (I’ll always remain loyal to those who were loyal to me!). Once the numbers are filled, no further members will be accepted until there’s room for some more.

All accounts set up under the recurring payment scheme (1-month & 3-month subs) will continue to be charged at the end of the time frame that you signed up for originally – this will only change once you decide to cancel the subscription through your Paypal account. Always make sure that there’s enough funds in the account in order to pay once the next payment date comes around – otherwise your service could, and will, be interrupted.

By signing up to JamesBoyleRacing.com, you agree that the account you set up is yours and yours only. Anyone found to be sharing their login details will have their account closed permanently, with no refund given. Also, anyone found to be relaying the selections or posting the write-ups from this site elsewhere will have their account closed permanently, with no refund given to the subscriber. What’s posted on this site is to stay on this site.