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How do I sign up to the James Boyle Racing free trial?

  • Simply email from your main address and I'll sort out the rest!
  • You will have access to the Tips Zone, where all selections are posted each and every morning.
  • The email you provide will receive the bet warning messages & selections each day (no spam).
  • +311.60pts Flat Season PROFIT since service began in 2012: A +24.37% Return On Investment.

Please Note: I have had to remove open registration due to numerous spam accounts signing up per day.

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I've got some places available on the service and, for a limited time only, will be offering a no-strings-attached free trial to prospective clients who want to see how it all works. The trial will commence for a month from whatever date you sign up on. It will include all of the daily bets & analysis via email and through this site.

For anyone who's interested in being on board, I would advise that it's used more so as a sighter to see how things work, rather than a one-month investment that you'll leave there afterwards. That could go either way and what you'll need to decide is, after the month, whether you can put the 150-200pt bank in place to take the required long-term view towards investing. Without that, along with the patience needed, it's ultimately pointless.

At the moment, I've got three posting windows; at 8:30am (early), 10-11am (early 2; the least used) and 11-12pm (late). Bets can occur on any day but the higher quality handicaps are generally targeted and the only day when I'm certain to have bets is a Saturday, so the mid-week period can be pretty boring sometimes. Updates are provided as to whether you can expect any selections to go live in the morning. This is usually between 1-2am.

The main aim of the service itself is quite simple; provide clients with genuine, long-term value bets that have a sizable edge over the market (circa. 15-20% ROI expected over time). The only downside is that the average price is around the 10/1 mark and that ensures long spells where nothing happens, which can include months and seasons. However, the profit levels achieved over time are rather high and they're worth being patient for.

Plans are in place and being worked on to increase the turnover as well, thus lessening the impact of variance, and following what was a mediocre spell in 2015/16 (2014 was a record-breaker, so it's swings & roundabouts!), there's literally no better time to be on board. I'm not going to ramble on much more, but if you're interested in signing up to see how things work, send me an email and you'll be on the list. There is no obligation afterwards.

Free trials are available to new members only and will close as soon as I hit the maximum limit that I'd be willing to take on. This will likely be one of the very few times when it's available and, indeed, is the first time I've ever opened it up here (the service is over five years old now; the ROI in that time is +15% and figures are actually achievable with some work!). If you have any questions, email and I'll reply asap.

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