JBR – Service Resumes!

James Boyle
November 30, 2017

Gabrials Kaka and Jamie Spencer come with a withering run late and wide (right) to win at Newbury 12-4-14

After a few months of sending out no bets at all, and a couple of exceptionally quiet months coming before that, service will resume from Saturday, 2nd December. Whether there will be selections on the day, I don't know yet but I will be back updating through the members' area of the website again on a daily basis.

Normal posting times still apply (8:30am-ish and/or between 11-12pm unless advised otherwise; warning provided to members via email for the second window more often than not) and I will indicate as usual in the members' area of the site what time they'll be expected to be sent out at.

Despite what I was saying previously, there will still be National Hunt selections (generally bigger priced runners) as I've been trialing some new approaches with success but the bulk of the bets (75%+) are planned to be on the All-Weather, including in lower grades than I'd usually play (prices will go quicker as a result). I am determined to make 2018 a successful year on the punting front - December will be an attempt to refind the "groove", so to speak - and hopefully it will be. Regardless, it won't fail through a lack of effort.

Due to losing subscribers for obvious reasons, until at least the flat season begins (Lincoln meeting) I'm going to open up the selections to everyone roughly 10-15 minutes AFTER they have been emailed to members. This is simply to get some interest in the service going again as that flat-lined during the lean couple of years. Those receiving the emails will still have access to the best prices if making the usual efforts, which will ultimately prove most important when it comes to long-term profitability.

I was also very tempted to revert back to Each Way punting just as a safety net for the betting bank but I really don't think it favours the punter in the majority of cases and will stick to the usual plan of attack - win-only betting, 0.50pts to 3pts stakes (1pt win being the standard). For anyone who's new here and reading this, a betting bank between 150-200 points is recommended if following exactly as is posted.

Long losing runs are still going to be on the cards with the average price of the bets being 10/1+ but hopefully they won't come into play for a while yet. 2016 & 2017 have been poor years, to put it lightly, and they've pissed me off significantly - but I feel somewhat refreshed for having had a break and look forward to returning to the glory days! The hard work starts now. Well, on Friday evening and Saturday morning...