All membership options are below. Over the course of a year, I would expect to profit by anywhere from 15-25% on stakes (example: if you stake £10k in the year, you should expect to make anything from £1.5k to £2.5k of profit) so I'm sure that anyone signing up for the long game will be happy here. There'll be plenty of frustrating losing runs but that's what you have to put up with in this game if you're to make a profit on the less obvious horses at decent prices. Anyone with any questions can get in touch and I'll reply as soon as possible.

All subscription terms are for a minimum length of time and will be extended depending on the results achieved; a 10-15% return on your investment would be the acceptable "it'll do" figure, for all that I expect/target more. For longer term accounts, any time spent not charging whilst your subscription is ongoing will be added onto it.

Places are limited in order to protect the advised prices.

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Six Months Membership (£240)

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Twelve Months Membership (£450)

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By signing up to any of our membership options above you agree to our terms & conditions.

What do you get when signing up to James Boyle Racing?

Once paying the subscription fee through Paypal, you'll be taken to a page to create an account on the site. You choose your username, password, etc, and then it'll be emailed to you. Login on the "login" page using the details that you entered and you'll have access to the Members' Area - an area that only privileged accounts are able to view. That is where the selections are posted; there are three betting windows; 8:30am (most common), 10-11am (when extra time is needed) and 12-1pm (on days when the racing quality is mediocre). They are also sent to your email inbox at the same time, albeit without the reasoning (that remains in the Members' Area).

On average, there will be selections on 2/3 racing days of every week, with the most selections being on a Saturday, of course! These selections are usually in the range of 5/1-20/1 (no odds-on nonsense here!), picked via the tried and tested methods that have led to my original 100pt bank (set in place at the start of 2010) turning into over 850pts by the end of 2012, with a yield of around 25% during that time. All of the results are calculated based on the "advised prices" (I'll never profit to SP; the winners are usually heavily backed horses) and I work on the 1-5pt scale, 1pt being the minimum bet and 5pts being the maximum, though it'd be rare that I'd ever find anything worthy of going beyond 3pts (which is rare in itself nowadays; 1pt & 2pts are the norm).

I won't spin you any of the nonsense that you get with the vast majority of racing advisory services. There will be losing runs - painful, frustrating, sickening losing runs that'll make you say "why do I bother with this game".

However, the winning runs have always made up for them, in spades, and whilst I cannot guarantee anything with regard to the future results of my selections, playing the value game correctly (as I feel I do!) should yield the results that everyone desires - I aim for anything around a 1-200pt profit every year, but that will vary depending on how much is staked throughout the seasons. An ROI between 10-25% should be comfortably achieved per calender year, whilst on occasions it will be greater (it was +51% in 2014) - depends on whether the luck is in!

You have to swim against the tide in this game, find out what the market isn't taking into account, and then back horses accordingly. I will be wrong a hell of a lot more than I'll be right, like anyone who isn't backing the relative short-priced favourites that'll lead to failure. I only need to be right about 12-15% of the time in order to profit, though, and anyone taking the long-term view to gambling will be rewarded here, of that I am completely sure.

It won't be easy from time-to-time, ask anyone who was following when I had a horrible run during June & July of 2012 (after making a profit every month for over a year, some massively), but it evens itself out in due course. All of my results are on the site and all of the past articles are availabe to view as well. If anyone has any questions, just send me over an email at and I'll reply as soon as possible. Take it easy.

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