August Stats Update

James Boyle
September 04, 2012

Nothing too exciting to report. Managed to find five winners throughout August and made a small profit to advised prices/stakes. It would have been a lot better but for finding five selections who finished second, priced at 11/1, 14/1, 20/1, 20/1 & 25/1. I can't cry wolf over any of them but with a bit of fortune, and if in the middle of a good run, maybe a couple could have been lucky enough to win, sadly not this time around. It is always that way, when they're most needed for a bit of confidence but that's how she goes. The +35% ROI was good, but the profit was just +10.00pts (inc. one all-weather selection) and that's nothing to go and shout home about. Oh well, at least it was a step back in the right direction, on the back of a couple of months of horror. I'll eventually remember how to stop picking donkeys. Sooner rather than later, I hope.


Below are the stats. Nothing too mind-blowing, sadly. Hoping that an exciting update isn't too far off!



Overall Bank - 628.72pts (+528.72pts)


Yearly Profit - +100.15pts


Flat Racing 2012 Stats -

Profit - +14.50pts

Bets – 175
Wins – 18
Placed – 42
Win SR – 10.28%
Staked – 310.00pts
Returned – 324.50pts
ROI/Yield - +4.67%


August Flat Stats -

Profit - +12.00pts

Bets – 31
Wins – 5
Placed – 7
Win SR – 16.12%
Staked – 34.00pts
Returned – 46.00pts
ROI/Yield - +35.29%

*All figures to advised/available prices. Placed bets don't include the winners.