December Statistics Update

James Boyle
January 05, 2012

Just after doing the final tallies for 2011 and I'm delighted with how it has all went. If it wasn't for my brutal performance at the beginning of the year during the All-Weather/National Hunt season, it would all look so much better. I was making so many mistakes then, mistakes that I feel I've cut out significantly, and hopefully similar goings on won't appear any time in the future.

Seeing as I'm punting on animals at what I consider to be tasty prices, losing runs and the likes will happen for sure but that was just a sickening time in my punting career. I've learned a hell of a lot from it though and it helped me to improve significantly - as results during the 2011 Flat season showed. This AW/NH season has gone completely differently too, and I'm currently well ahead with the latest tally being +100pts from November and December, although plenty went in my favour for a change.

As I'll continue to work exceptionally hard, I'm hopeful that everything will continue to go well and remembering that this game is a long-term venture is a massive help - taking off a bit of pressure at the same time. Winning on any given day doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things and winning consistently over a longer period of time is all that counts. My aim is to make another 200pt profit during 2012 but if I can continue this good form for the rest of the AW/NH season, I'd have to be hopeful that I'd do a lot better than that once the Flat season comes around - as that's when I'm in my element. I love it and feel that I've a massive edge at that time of year.

Regardless, a +46% yield over the first couple of months of this season is great and fingers crossed that there'll be many more winners to come yet. I'm still learning, still improving and still putting in a hell of a lot of work to find winners. It's all great fun anyway! Cheers to all who've signed up and places are nearly filled. I'll be closing it all off within a week I'd say and it has been a brilliant response so far. I just need to find that elusive first winner and all will be right with the world.


Profit for 2010 – +229.53pts

Profit for 2011 – +220.04pts


Overall Bank - 549.57pts (+449.57pts)


AW/NH 2011/12 Overall Stats -

Profit - +100.00pts

Bets – 103
Wins – 17
Placed – 25
Win SR – 16.50%
Staked – 214.00pts
Returned – 314.00pts
ROI/Yield - +46.72%


All-Weather 2011/12 Stats -

Profit - +32.00pts

Bets – 28
Wins – 5
Placed – 6
Win SR – 17.85%
Staked – 58.00pts
Returned – 90.00pts
ROI/Yield - +55.17%


National Hunt 2011/12 Stats -

Profit - +68.00pts

Bets – 75
Wins – 12
Placed – 19
Win SR – 16.00%
Staked – 156.00pts
Returned – 224.00pts
ROI/Yield - +43.58%


December AW/NH Stats -

Profit - +40.00pts

Bets – 34
Wins – 6
Placed – 7
Win SR – 17.64%
Staked – 75.00pts
Returned – 115.00pts
ROI/Yield - +53.33%


December AW Stats -

Profit - +16.00pts

Bets – 2
Wins – 1
Placed – 0
Win SR – 50%
Staked – 5.00pts
Returned – 21.00pts
ROI/Yield - +320.00%


December NH Stats -

Profit - +24.00pts

Bets – 32
Wins – 5
Placed – 7
Win SR – 15.62%
Staked – 70.00pts
Returned – 94.00pts
ROI/Yield - +34.28%

*Placed bets don’t include the winners.


2011 Flat Statistics -

Profit - +235.78pts

Bets – 281
Wins – 31
Placed – 58
Win SR – 11%
Staked – 722.00pts
Returned – 957.78pts
ROI/Yield - +33%

*Placed bets don’t include the winners.