Guess who’s back… again!

James Boyle
March 26, 2021

On the third day, he rose again. Although in my case, it has been almost three years since I've penned a few words on here which, if anything, makes this return significantly more impressive than the return of Jesus.

It has also been a long time since I've been able to properly put in the hours to be a decent judge but for the 2021 flat season, finding those hours is the big aim! Since last summer, have hosted my column and results-wise, everything was going along decently until the winter time when I managed to hit upon some atrociously bad form. Hopefully that can be reversed on its head very soon!

I will still be doing a column over there for each weekend and some All-Weather meetings, but the daily turf action will now be found here and I wouldn't mind branching out away from just tipping, posting some eye-catcher pieces, post-race analysis for bigger handicaps and Group races, that sort of thing. All of that will be depending on time as I really want to enjoy the puzzle-solving element of punting in racing markets again and multiple hours finding bets on the daily action could be enough to keep me occupied.

Staking & Betting Bank:

Firstly on the staking, selections will  be recommended between 1 point and 3 points depending on a few different factors from perception of the value available to gut feeling! The average stake will be around 1.50pts - always win-only, no each-way punting here - and as a result I'd recommend anybody following has a bank in place of at least 150pts, with 200pts being around ideal. Of course, I'd be hoping to get nowhere near sinking either of those banks but I would always strongly advise having a proper betting pot in place and if you don't, it's not worth even trying to follow as there will be frequent losing spells and downturns.

Odds Quoting & Recording:

As used to be the case, I will mostly record the general odds with BOG (best odds guaranteed) available from the bigger firms on Oddschecker (not that many/any of them will lay you bets if you're winning). Results can be tracked on the 2021 Flat Season P&L spreadsheet which will be updated daily!

Posting Times:

I am not 100% sure on fixing a time to this yet (we'll see how it goes!). But bets will go up on the site between 9pm the night before and 9am on the morning of midweek racing. On weekends, it could be any time up until midday. Other general ramblings could go up randomly, but you can get notifications of them by entering your email address into the subscription box on the site (doesn't cost, there'll be no spam, etc.).

Back later with tomorrow's Lincoln day selections from Doncaster!