January Statistics Update

James Boyle
January 31, 2012

Well month number one of the new subscription service has come to an end and I'm delighted with how it has went. So far, we've made a +53.50pt profit in the month, with the All-Weather selections proving to be the main money maker - something which I never envisaged saying given my previous hate for that code! With a bit of luck, I could have had another couple of winners but I suppose that'd be pushing it.

The overall statistics since the season began are also looking very healthy and at least it should prove to be a very tough task to lose it all! I'm getting a lot more selective nowadays and avoiding having a bet on days when I shouldn't, but would have in the past. It's always tempting to get involved even when you know you shouldn't but I'm learning how to just leave it well alone and that's a good sign of progress.

Once the flat season is back we should be having more selections, as I find it much easier to gain an edge at that time of year but I can't complain with how January has treated me. 6 winners and 6 places from 28 selections, giving a yield of +141% to advised prices is very pleasing on the eye and I just hope that we'll achieve similar results in the coming months - although that's wishful thinking.

The numbers for the service are nearly filled but there's a couple of spots left that I hope to fill before too long and if anyone has any questions they can fire over an e-mail and I'll respond when I'm online. I can't assure anyone that they'll make money from signing up but so far it has went really well and I'll be trying my best to ensure that it continues to go that way. As long as we have patience, it should.

Thanks again to all who've joined up and I hope to make it well worth your while in the coming months.


Overall Bank - 581.07pts (+481.07pts)


AW/NH 2011/12 Overall Stats -

Profit - +131.50pts

Bets – 131
Wins – 23
Placed – 31
Win SR – 17.55%
Staked – 269.00pts
Returned – 400.50pts
ROI/Yield - +48.88%


All-Weather 2011/12 Stats -

Profit - +78.00pts

Bets – 41
Wins – 9
Placed – 9
Win SR – 21.95%
Staked – 85.00pts
Returned – 163.00pts
ROI/Yield - +91.76%


National Hunt 2011/12 Stats -

Profit - +75.50pts

Bets – 90
Wins – 14
Placed – 22
Win SR – 15.55%
Staked – 184.00pts
Returned – 259.50pts
ROI/Yield - +41.03%


January AW/NH Stats -

Profit - +53.50pts

Bets – 28
Wins – 6
Placed – 6
Win SR – 21.42%
Staked – 45.00pts
Returned – 108.50pts
ROI/Yield - +141.11%


January AW Stats -

Profit - +46.00pts

Bets – 13
Wins – 4
Placed – 3
Win SR – 30.76%
Staked – 27.00pts
Returned – 73.00pts
ROI/Yield - +170.37%


January NH Stats -

Profit - +7.50pts

Bets – 15
Wins – 2
Placed – 3
Win SR – 13.33%
Staked – 28.00pts
Returned – 35.50pts
ROI/Yield - +26.78%

*Placed bets don’t include the winners; All figures to advised/available prices.