June Stats Update

James Boyle
June 30, 2012

This month has quite simply been one of the worst in my life, not purely due to having an atrocious month of betting but just how it can make you feel and how much money I've ended up losing for others. It all was rosy in the garden after making a profit each month for over a year, then bang, 1 winner from 40 selections and you're the biggest clown in the room after losing 72pts, which took a long time to work towards in the past few months. There were a few hard luck stories, as everyone has, but there are no excuses and I've simply let everyone down with my sheer atrociousness. I can say nothing more than I will try my best to get things back to the way they were and I'm sorry for how it has all gone. Here are the, shameful, statistics....


Overall Bank - 646.72pts (+546.72pts)


Flat Racing 2012 Stats -

Profit - +28.50pts

Bets – 118
Wins – 12
Placed – 26
Win SR – 10.16%
Staked – 240.00pts
Returned – 268.50pts
ROI/Yield - +11.87%


June Flat Stats -

Loss - -72.00pts

Bets – 40
Wins – 1
Placed – 8
Win SR – 13.72%
Staked – 87.00pts
Returned – 15.00pts
ROI/Yield - -87.75%

*All figures to advised/available prices. Placed bets don't include the winners.


The above doesn't include today's four. Will update that later when Racing-Index updates it.